Saturday, August 12, 2017

Adult DIY: Book Planter

In the month of August I had planned to do a book planter for the Adult DIY based on a recommendation from one of the seniors the previous month. But after making the sample I realized that it was going to be too difficult & time consuming for everyone participating. So we had to go with a plan B. 

This was what I had originally planned for

This was the sample I made with the help of a friend. I got tired of cutting pages about an hour in & had to call reinforcements! In the end it took us about 3 hours to complete the project...way too long! Part of the problem was the way that we cut the pages, with a utility knife.Also the instructions I had did not say to glue the edges of the book & pages together before cutting which I think would have helped at lot. 

So...this was the alternative sample I ended up making

Overall the ladies still really enjoyed it which is the goal in the end! They are really excited about next months project that I think will be easier. In the future I'm hoping to try & do the real book planter again with some help from videos etc. that I saw after trying & semi-failing at mine. 

This is the project I'm planning to make for September...if all goes well when I'm doing the stay tuned!

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