Saturday, August 12, 2017

Adult DIY: Book Planter

In the month of August I had planned to do a book planter for the Adult DIY based on a recommendation from one of the seniors the previous month. But after making the sample I realized that it was going to be too difficult & time consuming for everyone participating. So we had to go with a plan B. 

This was what I had originally planned for

This was the sample I made with the help of a friend. I got tired of cutting pages about an hour in & had to call reinforcements! In the end it took us about 3 hours to complete the project...way too long! Part of the problem was the way that we cut the pages, with a utility knife.Also the instructions I had did not say to glue the edges of the book & pages together before cutting which I think would have helped at lot. 

So...this was the alternative sample I ended up making

Overall the ladies still really enjoyed it which is the goal in the end! They are really excited about next months project that I think will be easier. In the future I'm hoping to try & do the real book planter again with some help from videos etc. that I saw after trying & semi-failing at mine. 

This is the project I'm planning to make for September...if all goes well when I'm doing the stay tuned!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 2017 TBR

This month is already 5 days in & I haven't finished a book! That means I'm gonna have to do a lot of reading this weekend which is fine with me. I probably will not read all of these books but I want to have a few backups!

Dragon Teeth


Nil Unlocked

 Nil on Fire
(The library is in the process of getting this one so if they get it this month then I hope to read it before the patrons get it! LOL)

Raging Sea
(I am waiting for this one to come in on ILL & the library is also ordering it, so either way)

 Heart Of the Storm
(This one ironically has already come in on ILL but I can;t read it until book #2 comes in...rookie mistake! The library is also ordering it)

Ink & Bone
(I will be doing a reread on this one since it's been a while since I've read it)
To see my review click here.

 Paper & Fire

 Ash & Quill

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017 Events: Teen Escape Room & Star Lab

This month we had two more events after Single Mingle. 

Teen Escape Room
This event was held on Thursday July 27th @ 6:15 (My Birthday!)

We had 13 teens attend the event. The event was organized by Heather, our Children's Librarian. She had me locked in a room & I had been turned into a zombie by a book that I was reading. I got a friend to come & keep me company & it was assumed that she too had been infected. The kids had to solve 3 puzzles to get 3 keys & open a box that contained the cure for Anastasia & I. Puzzle # 1 was a cipher using invisible black light ink to find a book with a key, puzzle #2 was finding a key inside a dvd, & puzzle #3 was stacking solo cups in a sequence to get a word to unlock the box. The cure was brownies & starburst, which I was very happy about! Then after we were free all of us hung out together & ate snacks & had pizza before the kids got picked up by their parents. The only thing I would have done differently would have had a definite end time so parents know when to come & pick the kids up. 

Star Lab
This event was held on Thursday July 27th from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

We had about 150 people attend the Star Lab throughout the day. Our library received a NASA grant this last year & so this was part of that grant. The Star Lab is basically a pop up traveling planetarium. Overall it was really fun to get a chance to go inside. 

Stay tuned for more events like Adult DIY & Game Night...

July 2017 Wrap-Up

This month I had plans to read quite a few books, but with the start of the new job I fell short. I also checked out about 8 books from my new library that I saw while shelving but didn't read any of them! I'm gonna try & get back on track this next month

I did manage to read one book this month! So not a total loss...

If you'd like to read my review click here

I decided against reading the This Dark Endeavor duology because of the incest. It was just to weird. other than that the story sounds good. But after about 50 pages I couldn't keep going. 

I also had to return Hunted because someone had a hold on it but it's on my list for a future read. 

Stay tuned for my August 2017 TBR (I hope LOL) soon!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Single Mingle Event

Last night I had my second adult event along with a few of my coworkers helping out. The event was originally planned by the person that I replaced, but we decided to keep it & play some fun games, give away prizes, have finger food, & just hang out. In total there was 8 other guests besides those of us hosting the event, which is a pretty good turn out for an adult only event.

We had simple table decorations that we made from upcycled books & some odds & ends here in the library. I also hung up some spring/summerish decorations that weren't too "LOVE" orientated. 

We had finger foods that included pink lemonade, water, a veggie tray, cheese & crackers, & some amazing specialty cookies that I ordered from Safeway! I unfortunately didn't get a picture of the food table set up but I think we had a good little spread. 

(The cookies were kinda like this but we had chocolate chunk & peanut butter cup jumbo cookies dipped in chocolate)

For games I came up with a BINGO game that featured bookish squares so people could go around & introduce themselves & if they found someone that fit that square they would write their name in. We gave away a few prizes after playing BINGO for who had the most BINGO's. For prizes we had Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook, a movie bag that had Passengers (DVD), a box of brownies, & a box of popcorn in it, & an outdoor bag with a National Park Pass, a water bottle, a flashlight, & a box of LUNA bars. 

We also played a book character matching game. I wrote famous book characters on index cards with descriptions of who you are (in case they didn't recognize the character) & who you were supposed to look for. Then we walked around asking questions to try & find our matches. 

Here were the matches I used:
Lou Clark & Will Traynor
Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy
Juliet & Romeo
Gilbert Blythe & Anne Shirley
Clary Fray & Jace Wayland
Tris Prior & Tobias Eaton
Claire Randall & Jamie Fraser
Buttercup & Westley
Rose Hathaway & Dimitri Belikov
Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger
Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan
Peeta Mellark & Katniss Everdeen
Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo
Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

Overall this was a really fun event that I'm hoping will lead to a small group of library comers that will attend future adult events. Some of the events that were discussed were game night & karaoke so we'll see what happens in the coming months!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

My New Library!

Now that I've been at my job for 2 weeks I decided to share with you some of the things I LOVE about it! My actual job title is Library Information Specialist & I'm in charge of running the circulation desk, creating the desk schedule, adult programs, & a few grants. The building itself is bigger than my previous Library & we see an average of 600 patrons per day.

In our children's section called The Enchanted Forest we have open shelving for all the children's picture books. This form of shelving makes it so easy to organize all the books compared to the traditional shelf

Each bin is organized with a different category like Animals, Things That Go, Holidays, etc. The books are also color coded to match the bins

 Another cool thing we offer is book bundles. These are 3-5 books that are all about the same thing that get checked out as 1 item

Here's an example of 2 bundles (Adoption & Cars/Trucks)

 This is the entrance to the children's area (it was recently redone)

 This is inside the children's area from the entrance

 Another cool part about my new library is it has a teen area

 There's cafe style seating in one section with benches. On each shelf there's also fun posters that have the words from books printed on them (you can check them out here)

 The teen area has all of the YA items in the same room including new books (MY FAVORITE!)

There's also awesome wall decals like Hogwarts, the Death Star, & the Tardis

 We recently held a NASA @ My Library event so we had some posters hanging up from that

 The Library also has a cafe with seating. The cafe is open M-F from 9-2 & they serve coffee, smoothies, pastries, & lunch

 The Library also has a Print Station so patrons can print all by themselves. They can pay at the Print Pay Station & then pick up prints through the  Print Release Station. This makes it easier so the circ desk doesn't have to handle all of this & it also won't let the patron walk away without paying 

If you'd like to see more or know more about the library you can visit the website or follow our Facebook Page

Adult DIY: Upcycled Book Pomanders

Part of my new job at the Library is to host a monthly Adult DIY class. The first Tuesday of the month it's at the Library & the next day it's at the local Senior Center. This month the event was already planned since I was new. Unfortunately no one showed up for the event at the Library, but we had three participants at the Senior Center.

This month we made pomanders. A pomander is a ball or perforated container of sweet-smelling substances such as herbs and spices, placed in a closet, drawer, or room to perfume the air or (formerly) carried as a supposed protection against infection. In this day and age it's more of a decoration than anything. Regardless we had a great time making them so I decided to share it with you all. 


Corsage pins (Assorted colors)
Foam Balls (We used really big ones but they can be smaller if you like)
Paper (Assorted colors)
Paper Punch (You can decide what shape you want to use or you can hand cut the shapes)
Recycled Books (For punching shapes)


Punch/cut out the desired shapes from the book pages & paper (You'll need a lot)
Hold your foam ball & place your shape onto it (We used 2-3 flowers per pin to make it look fuller)
Securely pin it in place 
Cover the ball 90% of the way leaving a space at the bottom/top 

Once you're done with your ball you can either put it on a vase, stick a rod into it & prop it up, or use a hook then attach a string on to it so it can be hung. Below I've included some pictures of the supplies & the final project. 

Next month we'll be making book planters so stay tuned for that!