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The 5th Wave Book Review

The 5th Wave (#1 in The 5th Wave Triology)
By Rick Yancey

Publishing Year: 2013
Publisher: G.P. Putnam & Sons Books for Young Readers
Genre: Dystopian
Reading Level: YA
Setting: U.S.
Time: Near Future

It all started after the invasion of the Others…

The first wave was livable but by the 4th wave billions were dead from the disease. Families & individuals were flocking to the camps for help. Food, water, & supplies were dwindling. It was kill or be killed, you can trust no one.

Then they came & took the kids away. That was the beginning of the 5th wave.
Told from multiple perspectives; this post-apocalyptic story follows three different stories that merge into one epic series beginning.

We first meet Cassie & her family. Just months ago Cassie was a normal teenage girl, texting her friends, going on bad dates, & playing with her brother in the yard.  But it’s not long before we find out that her mother has died from the disease, & her, her father, & brother, Sammy, are at a refugee camp called Camp Ashpit awaiting rescue.

Someone does come to “rescue” them, but only the kids. Sammy is taken away to a “safe place” called Camp Haven, on a yellow school bus, leaving his beloved Bear behind with Cassie. But despite everyone thinking it’s a rescue mission, Commander Vosch & the Eye quickly dispel those thoughts.

Then theirs Ben Parish, or “Zombie” as his squad calls him. He is Cassie’s high school crush but he doesn’t know she exists. He is taken to Camp Haven when his family dies. Desperately clinging to his little sister’s locket for support, he is drafted into the kid’s army the government is developing. They will train like soldiers, & then be sent into the field to fight against the Others. The most important thing to remember is green is unclean.

This is where the stories collide. Sammy is put into Ben’s unit & Ben promises to protect him no matter what. But it isn’t long before Ben is sent into the field, & Sammy is left behind to train further.
Meanwhile Cassie is wandering the woods alone trying to survive & keep her promise to find Sammy. However she is injured by a Silencer, one of the Others. Then she is rescued by a boy her age named Evan Walker. They decide together to go to Camp Haven, & rescue Sammy. But what Cassie doesn’t know about Evan may just kill her.

Together these four unlikely friends come together to save the world, & each other in this epic first book of the new series.


Soon to be a motion picture in January 2016.

Also look for book two The Infinite Sea, & book three The Last Star (coming summer 2016)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ink & Bone: The Great Library #1 Review

Ink & Bone: The Great Library #1
By Rachel Caine (NY Times bestselling author of The Morganville Vampire Novels)

Publishing Year: 2015
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Genre: Dystopian
Reading Level: YA
Setting: England & Egypt
Time: 2031

In this first installment of her new series Caine sets the stage for a futuristic, thrilling, & mind blowing story in which The Great Library of Alexandria ever burns down, but exists in the present day.

Let’s have a little history lesson…In 323 BC Alexander the Great died in Babylon & was succeeded by one of his lieutenants Ptolemy. Under this reign Ptolemy moved the capital of Egypt from Memphis to Alexandria. It was there that he built The Great Library. The library housed thousands of scrolls, ancient texts, & art. The true reason the Library was destroyed is not totally known, but it is said to have been burned down when Julius Caesar’s army overtook the city in 48 BC.

However, in this book the Library doesn’t burn down, but still exists, & in its vast existence controls all the original books in the world.  

The originals are housed in the main library in Alexandria & in sisters libraries “Serapeums”, all over the world. These libraries are guarded by automaton lions that keep the secrets safe within the stacks.

People are able to read any original book through a system of “blanks”. The blanks are loaded with the original, as if you were reading it yourself. Everyone is also encouraged to keep a person journal called a Codex to write their thoughts down; messages can be sent through the Codex as well. But be careful…the library is always watching.

We first see the world through the eyes of young Jess Brightwell. He is a “runner” in a family that makes its money from the book black market. He lives in London, England & there is a war currently going on between England & Wales.

The Library is always seeking new blood so, Jess is bought an opportunity to take a test & become a Postulant in the Library service. Once he passes, Jess along with many other potential Library servants are in competition for six spots in the service.

They travel by train to Alexandria & are immediately aware that something strange is happening with the Library.

There are several Library positions including High Garda, Scholar, & Alchemist in the Iron Tower.

Through the course of their training they raid black market houses, stop “burners”, learn about the history of the library, go to war, recover lost items, & travel through unknown plains. Some are lost in the pages, but Jess & a few of his fellow postulants make it through to the end & claim jobs in the library service.

Overall this book was very enjoyable, fast paced, & full of mystery. The next installment in the series comes out in Summer 2016.

Knowledge is power but power can be dangerous…


7 month update

So I have officially been at my new job for 7 months as of January 2nd! In December I got my 6 month review & become a full time non probationary town employee. To date these are the items I have cataloged:
800 books
4 video games
4 board games
58 audiobooks
1 crockpot
8 cake pans
169 movies
For a total of 1, 044 items!

I've also done 9 book trailers & I just recently started doing how-to videos. I use a website called This allows me to use a mic & record my voice with what's happening on the screen simultaneously. I will post a link to the library Youtube page so you can see all the videos. You can also subscribe to our channel to get updates when I post a new video.

I'm hoping to start doing more book reviews on here in the future, I need to try & do them as son as I've finished the book as apposed to going back & trying to remember.

I'm also a member of a book challenge group on Facebook. This will be my 2nd year participating in it & I'm really excited. I finished last year with no problem despite the fact that I joined the group in July. I will post a picture of the challenge below if you'd like to see what I'm supposed to read.

Stay tuned for more info & reviews (hopefully)!

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