Friday, January 6, 2017

Marshmallow by Clare Turlay Newberry


(Original edition)

(SMITHMARK edition)

Author: Clare Turley Newberry
Publisher: SMITHMARK (This edition)
Year: 1942 (Original) 1999 (This edition)
Genre: Picture Book
Age: 5+

This book was being shelved today off the children’s cart by a fellow co-worker & she said it was a cute story so I thought I’d pick it up for a cute pick me up. I’ve never reviewed a picture boo so let me know in the comments if you want me to do more, maybe one a week or possibly more.

This story was originally published in 1942 & won the Caldecott the same year.

Marshmallow is a small baby bunny who comes to live in an apartment in Manhattan, NY. He is the roommate of a spoiled cat named Oliver (a gray tabby). Oliver & Marshmallow are taken care of by Miss Tilly who is a housekeeper. Oliver gets his dinner every night served to him on a plate in the kitchen. This night however there is something else waiting for him…Marshmallow. When Marshmallow first arrives he is very scared & he misses his mother. But it isn’t long before he gets fed & gets his own bed, he doesn’t get along with Oliver though. One day while Miss Tilly is gone Oliver sees Marshmallow playing & hopping around, then before you know it the pair are like two peas in a pod. It turns out that Marshmallow with his red eyes & big ears, isn’t so bad after all!


Likes: This story is VERY cute. You initially feel bad for Marshmallow who has been separated from his mother but very soon he makes a new friend.

The pictures are also VERY cute (I’ll include some down below). They look like they are done with charcoal or pencil with some hints of pink on Marshmallow.

This book was inspired by a true story of a friendship between the author’s pets!

Some of the words in the book are dated for our time, for example a toy Oliver has is described as grey flannelette & Miss Tilly writes poems on her typewriter. This would be a good story time book for young kids to teach them about old words or objects.  

There are a few poems in this book about Marshmallow that would be fun for a story time activity as well.

Dislikes: -


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