Monday, June 19, 2017

Found by S.A. Bodeen


Author: S.A. Bodeen
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Year: 2017
Genre: Adventure
Age: JUV 9+

This is the fourth & final book in the Shipwreck Island series. This review will contain spoilers from this & previous books. Below I will link my previous reviews if you'd like to read them!
Shipwreck Island (#1)
Lost (#2)
Trapped (#3)
Once again we travel back to the mysterious Shipwreck Island where Sarah Robinson & her family are battling dangerous mutant animals, a mean treasure hunter, & worst of all time...

In the last book, Trapped, the treasure hunter named Fox and his companion Ms. Blackstone returned to the island to collect their treasure. Fox is sure they have the right island because of "the face rock" where the treasure is supposed to be buried. The treasure is the progenitor, a machine that can create things using alien technology; Leo (the alien boy) has the progenitor & is using it to fulfill his mission & return to his home planet.

The Robinson family is split up all over the island. Marco convinced Leo to free his stepdad John from a frozen prison, in exchange for helping him fill all of the capsules with animals before time runs out. Yvonna, Marco & Nacho's mom, is very sick but Leo has medicine that can help her. Cash & Sarge are being help captive at the beach camp with Ms. Blackstone. That leaves Sarah with Fox looking for the treasure & Ahab the Newfoundland gallivanting through the jungle looking for his family.

The gang needs to keep the treasure away from Fox, help Leo complete his mission, & get off the island and safely back home. But can they do it before time runs out?
Likes: Once again Bodeen doesn't disappoint. I have always liked her books & am happy with every one of them.

The animals in this book are both the mutants & animals that Leo is bringing back to life like a passenger pigeon & a Tasmanian tiger.

I am happy that this was the conclusion of the story. I have been reading these books for years now!

We finally get to see some more alien things like a shuttle & Leo's spaceship when he finally leaves Earth to go back home.

Good conquers evil! I was a little worried at one point that something bad might happen, especially when Sarah was with Fox. 

Dislikes: -


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