Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trapped by S.A. Bodeen


Author: S.A. Bodeen
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Year: 2016
Genre: Adventure
Age: JUV 9+

Let me just start this review by saying I assumed this book was the final one in the series! After finishing it and going onto Goodreads I learned that there will be at least 1 more installment after this one coming out in 2017. I really like this author & series so I’m not too upset…let’s review!

In this third novel out group is still stuck on the island with the mysterious Curator. Cash is on the beach with a very sick & pregnant Yvonna; Nacho, John, & Ahab have been captured & frozen by the curator; & Sarah & Marco went to look for them but found the Curator in the process.

In order to get their family back Sarah & Marco have to find out who the Curator is & why he is o the island. It turns out the Curator is a boy named Leonis & he’s an alien! His planet that is much like Earth was destroyed about 700 years ago. In order to save it & return home they had to come to Earth. Once here his people visited Africa where they met an African tribe & gave them a very special gift.

The progenitor is an alien device that can create things using their magical advanced technology. In order to protect it, it was separated into two pieces. One piece went to the African tribe and the other remained with Leo & his family. They came to the island to get plant & animal specimens to return to their planet & rebuild it. That is what is in the frozen glass cases. There’s only one problem…how can you get a specimen if it’s extinct? That’s where the progenitor comes in. It has the ability to create life that is where the mysterious animals on the island have come from. Leo only has 1 piece of the device.

It just so happens that when the Robinson’s were shipwrecked they found a very mysterious chest with strange symbols on it aboard the HMS Moonflight. It belonged to Captain Norm & before that the previous owner was the man that commandeered Sarge’s boat. The chest contains the African piece of the progenitor & the man named Fox stole it years ago & stashed it on Shipwreck Island for safe keeping. The island they are on is actually the one he was looking for, so will he realize that & come back?

In order to free John, Ahab, & Marco the group bargains with Leo & agrees to give him the chest if he frees their family. With both pieces of the device Leo can create the plants & animals he needs & go back home. Meanwhile back on the beach Sarge’s boat has returned to seek the treasure on the island with the face rock. Fox knows it’s there somewhere but will he have to hurt the Robinson’s or Cash to find it? Or will Leo come to the rescue & the group will get off the island?

Likes: Same as other books, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Dislikes: I thought it was the conclusion but now I’m anxiously waiting for book 4 (The End?)


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