Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 3

Week three was a little slower than week 2 but still super fast, I can't believe it's almost July! So here is a recap of week 3...

Went out to lunch for pizza with my coworkers, there is a really good place across the street called R & R Pizza Express. It's funny because we had one in Benson that I never really went to  now I'm hooked, especially on the amazing breadsticks!

I catalogged almost 200 items!

I organized my office a little more

I started listening to audiobooks to log more points for the Summer Reading Program

I was "in charge" for the first time since 2 of my coworkers were sick

I finished 2 books & started a third

I still love listening to Harry Potter on tape in the car on the way to work

I saw a HUGE dead elk that someone had hit in the road...scary!

I saw Jurassic World which was AMAZING, LOVED IT! I totally want to see it again & I'm definitely going to get it on DVD & probably the other ones because I had the first 2 on VHS

I got my 2nd Uppercase Box & LOVED it! Can't wait to read that book

I also started apartment hunting which hasn't gone very well but I just want to know where all the single hard working people in my town live because there's no way like me, they qualify for the income controlled apartments or can afford the expensive condos, etc.

I go back to work tomorrow to start week 4 & I'm hoping to finish up my book reviews & get them posted soon, stay tuned...

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