Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 14

Wow where did all that time go! So a lot has happened since week 3, let's recap...

I moved into a new place & it's pretty sweet, a definite upgrade from my previous place

It's starting to get cold here which is exciting & terrifying at the same time...let's just say I'm no snow bunny!

Wednesday I'm on my way to phoenix for a class on making book trailers, that will be super fun to escape & go to the big city

I came in 1st place for the adults in the summer reading program (I don't get counted against everyone else)

I saw National Lampoon's Vacation & it was HILARIOUS!

Ate at a new restaurant in PTLS called Long Wong's Two Hippies. It's a really funky burger & pizza place. I'll try & snap some pictures next time I'm there.

Celebrated my birthday with my family! (the big 24...)

Other than that reading a lot, need to clean more but I can do that later...will have a report on the class Thursday, see you all on the flip side!

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