Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 2

The second week FLEW BY! So let's recap...

Things I learned

How to do ILL's
Divergent is a good movie
I want to have my own popcorn machine
Panda Express is awesome & I'm so glad there is one within 10 miles of me
Nature Box snacks are actually pretty good
You can convert a pdf to a word document
I'm getting pretty good at jackets but my taping skills need some work
Skype interviews are almost the same as real ones

 On Saturday the library was supposed to show it's "Movie of the Month" which was Divergent but no one showed so we had to cancel but...I did get to use the popcorn machine & it was fun, not so fun to clean but I totally want one now haha. I also took on the task of doing the movie from now on due to a schedule change.

I also got to serve on the interview panel for the library & helped chose a new part time person that we will be hiring soon. This means that the library will be open on Monday's starting in July.

Oh & the highlight of the week was cataloging my 110th item!

We also got a large donation on Saturday some of which we kept & some of it went to the local school so they will be very happy.

I was able to get my hands on some Harry Potter books on tape & I am loving them since my CD player in the car is broken! I'm almost done with book 1 & I am brought to tears frequently remembering all the fun & exciting things that happened early on, & all those that have been lost in the journey.

I saw the sheep again, no picture this time because I was on the phone but I did see a little baby sheep that was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I also saw an amazing feat performed by said baby sheep. While crossing the road & following what I assumed to be his/her mother up a hill the poor baby slipped & for a second I was worried he/she wouldn't make it & was going to fall onto the road but luckily he/she shimmied up the hill & made it back to mom safely! Very proud moment of me yelling you can do it! in my car.

More next week & a book review (maybe 2 if I can finish the one I started today)...

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