Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull


Author: Brandon Mull
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Year: 2017
Genre: Fantasy
Age: JUV Chapter Book 13+

We return to the beloved and magic preserve of Fablehaven in this new sequel series to the popular five part fantasy tale.

Once again the story is told through the eyes of our young brother and sister duo of kendra & Seth Sorensen. After defeating the demons with the help of some magical friends, the pair are off on a new adventure. They are asked to become the caretakers of the dragon sanctuary of Wyrmroost. There has been civil unrest among the dragons since the Battle of Zzyzx. Using their special abilities of being fairykind & a shadow charmer together Kendra & Seth make a great dragon tamer. They can use this new ability to stand up to the King of Dragons, Celebrant.

Once they reach Wyrmroost with the help of their grandparents to advise them, the kids must stop celebrant from breaking the defenses of Blackwell keep and overthrowing the sanctuary, releasing all the dragons, then subsequently taking over the world.

They will need the help of the beautiful & neutral Fair Folk, a trustworthy new alcetaur friend, a bigger than normal nipsie, and a hidden scepter to keep Wyrmroost and their friends alive!

But will it be enough to save the world from entering a new Age of Dragons?

Likes: We are once again in Fablehaven as if only a short time has passed...not the 7 years since the last book of the Fablehaven series was published!

The pictures that accompany the story are really cool & exciting.

The same characters join us, although the story mainly focuses on Kendra & Seth. The Knights of the Dawn are off saving the supernatural world but we also see some new faces like Kendra & Seth's cousins.

One of the most exciting books of the Fablehaven series (in my opinion) was book #4 Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. is really great to have an entire book that takes place at Wyrmroost. We get t learn more about it & the creatures that live there as well as some new secrets.

The story continues to amaze us with the magical world & creatures. It's great to escape from reality every once in a while.

Seth is as obnoxious & funny as ever although he is learning to stay out of trouble (a little bit)!

I feel a little bit bad for Kendra in this book. She is separated from her kinda of love interest Bracken the unicorn, son of the Fairy Queen in this book which puts pressure on both of them. But she also meets a potential new love interest...all in all I am hoping to see a kiss in the near future!

I am very excited to see more Fablehaven books in the coming years!

Dislikes: -


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