Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TV Shows I Watch When I'm Not Reading

As of late I haven't been reading as much as I usually do. I have gotten sucked into the abyss that is Netlfix & other internet TV. So I thought since I haven't done a book review in a while (I'm hoping to have one done this weekend) I'd tell you what has been stealing my attention.

Sex & the City (Seen a million & one times but LOVE)

True Blood (This one I'm rewatching for the third time, one of my all time favorite books & shows)

Game of Thrones (OBSESSED!!!)

Grey’s Anatomy

How to Get Away With Murder

Orange is the New Black (I plan on reading the book)

The Vampire Diaries (New found love waiting for season 8 to be on Netflix)

Grace & Frankie (HILARIOUS!)


Reign (Only saw first season, going to continue)

The Great British & American Baking Show

Once Upon a Time (Still on season 5, so behind but going to catch up)

Young & Hungry

Lost (Watched the whole series in like 1 month, SO GOOD!)

Mad Men

Bob Ross

Pretty Little Liars (Stopped a few seasons ago, too much drama but still good show)

The Originals (Just started after watching VD)

Escape to the Country (Recently found this one, takes place in England but really good)

Master Chef & Junior

Desperate Housewives (Saw it all the way through through, watch from time to time)

Gilmore Girls (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

Code Black (Reminds me so much of ER which is one of my all time favorite shows)

I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting, but if you're looking for a new show this list will tide you over for a little bit!

Look out for a book review this week for sure!

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