Monday, August 1, 2016

14 Book Trailer

It's been a little while since I posted a review! I was going to do a normal review for this book but decided it would make a fun trailer instead, check it out below:
Here's a little mini review/overview:
I'm not normally a SCI-FI reader, fantasy, dystopian, apocalyptic...yes but heavy SCI-FI not usually.

But this book surprised me. It starts out very mysterious. Nate is a normal young guy living in LA & he's looking for a new apartment. He is talking with a co-worker & the man mentions The Kavach Building, good neighborhood, right by the Hollywood sign, & super cheap rent! What could go wrong...

Weird things keep coming up in the building like glowing green 6 legged cockroaches, Nate only has black light in his studio, & there is an underground mine shaft just below the laundry room.

It isn't until some of the other tenants also start noticing oddities about the building that it becomes serious. They trace the building & it's "creator" back to Nikola Tesla & an apocalyptic cult called "The Family". But the mystery that started a hundred years ago is still going on & The Family is still set on destroying the world with the help of their Lord, a giant Squale.

Can Nate & his gang of mystery hunters save the world before it's too late?


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