Saturday, July 15, 2017

My New Library!

Now that I've been at my job for 2 weeks I decided to share with you some of the things I LOVE about it! My actual job title is Library Information Specialist & I'm in charge of running the circulation desk, creating the desk schedule, adult programs, & a few grants. The building itself is bigger than my previous Library & we see an average of 600 patrons per day.

In our children's section called The Enchanted Forest we have open shelving for all the children's picture books. This form of shelving makes it so easy to organize all the books compared to the traditional shelf

Each bin is organized with a different category like Animals, Things That Go, Holidays, etc. The books are also color coded to match the bins

 Another cool thing we offer is book bundles. These are 3-5 books that are all about the same thing that get checked out as 1 item

Here's an example of 2 bundles (Adoption & Cars/Trucks)

 This is the entrance to the children's area (it was recently redone)

 This is inside the children's area from the entrance

 Another cool part about my new library is it has a teen area

 There's cafe style seating in one section with benches. On each shelf there's also fun posters that have the words from books printed on them (you can check them out here)

 The teen area has all of the YA items in the same room including new books (MY FAVORITE!)

There's also awesome wall decals like Hogwarts, the Death Star, & the Tardis

 We recently held a NASA @ My Library event so we had some posters hanging up from that

 The Library also has a cafe with seating. The cafe is open M-F from 9-2 & they serve coffee, smoothies, pastries, & lunch

 The Library also has a Print Station so patrons can print all by themselves. They can pay at the Print Pay Station & then pick up prints through the  Print Release Station. This makes it easier so the circ desk doesn't have to handle all of this & it also won't let the patron walk away without paying 

If you'd like to see more or know more about the library you can visit the website or follow our Facebook Page

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