Saturday, July 15, 2017

Adult DIY: Upcycled Book Pomanders

Part of my new job at the Library is to host a monthly Adult DIY class. The first Tuesday of the month it's at the Library & the next day it's at the local Senior Center. This month the event was already planned since I was new. Unfortunately no one showed up for the event at the Library, but we had three participants at the Senior Center.

This month we made pomanders. A pomander is a ball or perforated container of sweet-smelling substances such as herbs and spices, placed in a closet, drawer, or room to perfume the air or (formerly) carried as a supposed protection against infection. In this day and age it's more of a decoration than anything. Regardless we had a great time making them so I decided to share it with you all. 


Corsage pins (Assorted colors)
Foam Balls (We used really big ones but they can be smaller if you like)
Paper (Assorted colors)
Paper Punch (You can decide what shape you want to use or you can hand cut the shapes)
Recycled Books (For punching shapes)


Punch/cut out the desired shapes from the book pages & paper (You'll need a lot)
Hold your foam ball & place your shape onto it (We used 2-3 flowers per pin to make it look fuller)
Securely pin it in place 
Cover the ball 90% of the way leaving a space at the bottom/top 

Once you're done with your ball you can either put it on a vase, stick a rod into it & prop it up, or use a hook then attach a string on to it so it can be hung. Below I've included some pictures of the supplies & the final project. 

Next month we'll be making book planters so stay tuned for that!

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