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The Detour by S. A. Bodeen

The Detour
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Author: S.A. Bodeen
Year: 2015
Publisher: Feiwel & friends
Genre: YA
Age 15+

Olivia “Livvy” Flynn is a teenage New York Times Best Selling author of an amazing new trilogy. She went from being a bullied, nerdy girl, with workaholic parents to a stylish, rich girl off to college in her shiny red sports car almost overnight.

But before college or meeting her online boyfriend Rory, Livvy is going to a writer’s retreat in Oregon near her home in Bend. On the way there she hits the detour…

It starts with her GPS telling her to turn around on a side road. Then as she’s rounding the corner she looks up & sees a girl playing a flute. Just as she starts to question this bizarre scenario her car starts to roll. She wakes up & “Flute Girl” as she comes to be called, hits her on the head with a stick.
Livvy wakes up in the basement & make shift craft room of a house. Flute Girl & her mother are anxiously waiting for their guest to wake up. The mother’s name is Peg and she tells Livvy that help is on the way, but is it?

Over the next few days while Livvy is being held captive she tries to figure out what this woman & her daughter’s motive is for taking her hostage. It isn’t about money that is sorted out right away. Could it have something to do with Livvy’s raging success? Or is it something to do with her family & she was the available target?

Livvy soon finds out she is on some kind of farm in the middle of nowhere Oregon. Her car has been moved from the road so there’s no chance anyone will see it & come to rescue her. About two days in she is overjoyed to see a law enforcement vehicle in the yard through her lone window. But the situation quickly lets her down. The officer in question, Officer Ritchie is cheating on his wife with Peg. He isn’t willing to help Livvy for fear Peg may tell his wife about them.

Then there is Weasley, he’s Peg’s cousin and he is dying to get his hands on Livvy.  Weasley seems to know an awful lot about Livvy for someone she doesn’t know & the situation quickly esculates & she has to fight her way away from him. In a last stitch attempt at an escape Livvy gets a hold of a cutting strip from a box of wax paper. It’s her only weapon & her last chance.

Lucky for her Officer Ritchie comes through in the end with a bang, Livvy is saved & returned to her worried family. Once home she finds out the truth about why Peg kidnapped her & who Weasley really is. But will she change her ways or continue on the path of selfishness & entitlement? 

Likes: As usual S.A. Bodeen never disappoints as an author, she keeps you hanging on until the very end. 
This book was fast paced & very climatic in the end.

Dislikes: I knew why Peg had taken Livvy pretty early on & my suspicions were confirmed in the end. 
I also knew the truth about Weasley as soon as he entered the picture.

There are no “good” characters in this story. I don’t mean good as in interesting, there’s no lack of that, but good from a moral standpoint. Everyone is a bad person including Livvy, she kind of gets what she deserves.

There is a scene between Livvy & Weasley that is borderline rape…be warned if you are recommending this to an older child or young teenager. 


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