Wednesday, October 26, 2016

26 Books in 2016 Challenge

This is a challenge I'm participating in on Facebook! This is my second year in the group & I successfully completed last years challenge. One of my former coworkers was a member so she invited me to join in July of last year & I still made it which was great. So here is the info on the books I've read so far for this years challenge (I'm hoping to finish, soooo close!) 

***Also on a side note most of these book I have done a trailer &/or book review on here on my blog so check those out.***

Book Set in a Different Country 

Book with Non-Human Characters 
("The Others")

Book by One of Your Favorite Authors
(I went on to read the entire series & the spin-off series)

Book with a Q, X, or Z in the Title

Book with a 1 Word Title

Book Written by Someone Under 30 
(I went on to read the entire series)

Book with No Pictures on the Cover
(I technically listened to this book so there was no cover)

Book that was Banned in the U.S.

Book that Won a Major Book Award

Book You Finish in a Single Day
(I went on to finish this spin-off series)

Book with Antonyms in the Title
(Does this count? LOL I'm counting it either way)

Book Featuring a Religion or Religious Characters

Popular Author's First Book
(This was the first book she wrote with her daughter & I'd like to read the second)

Book That Came Out the Year You Were Born
(This is actually 4 books in one! The last book in the series was actually written first in 1991)

Book Categorized as a Memoir or Biography

Book Categorized as a Play, Musical, or Screenplay

Book Categorized as a Graphic Novel

Book Whose Author Has an Alliterative Name
(I'm currently reading the 2nd book & I plan to finish the series) 

Book That is Over 100 Years Old

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