Saturday, January 16, 2016

7 month update

So I have officially been at my new job for 7 months as of January 2nd! In December I got my 6 month review & become a full time non probationary town employee. To date these are the items I have cataloged:
800 books
4 video games
4 board games
58 audiobooks
1 crockpot
8 cake pans
169 movies
For a total of 1, 044 items!

I've also done 9 book trailers & I just recently started doing how-to videos. I use a website called This allows me to use a mic & record my voice with what's happening on the screen simultaneously. I will post a link to the library Youtube page so you can see all the videos. You can also subscribe to our channel to get updates when I post a new video.

I'm hoping to start doing more book reviews on here in the future, I need to try & do them as son as I've finished the book as apposed to going back & trying to remember.

I'm also a member of a book challenge group on Facebook. This will be my 2nd year participating in it & I'm really excited. I finished last year with no problem despite the fact that I joined the group in July. I will post a picture of the challenge below if you'd like to see what I'm supposed to read.

Stay tuned for more info & reviews (hopefully)!

Youtube Link:

 2016 Book Challenge List

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