Friday, December 30, 2016

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Empire of Storms

Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Year: 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Age: YA 13+

This is the 5th installement of the Throne of Glass series. There are 6 total books planned for the series & a colllection of novellas. I've listened to all of them on audio & the reader Elizabeth Evans is very good. She can do all of the voices & has a great energy. Because of this I do my best to spell all of the names right. I have really enjoyed all of the previous books in the series and this one especially hit home. There was many times while driving that I had to pull over because I was going through some VERY strong emotions. This book broke me & it was a truly beautiful experience.

The story begins with Aelin Ashryver Gaathynius & her court of misfits making the journey to Terrasen in order to take back her kingdom & raise & army. From there they hope to find all 3 wrydkeys to defeat the Valg King Erawan who resides in Morath. The group includes Rowan Whitethorn, Aeidon Ashryver Galathynius, Lysandra, a small girl named Evangeline, & the loyal Fleetfoot. Unfortunately when they get there their bretheran are not as excited by their arrival.

Dorian Haviilliard the King of Aderlan stayed behind to rule his new kingdom after the destruction of the beautiful glass castle. Meanwhile Manon Blackbeak, along with her flying 13, are awaiting orders from their leader Manon's grandmother who has allied with Erawan in Morath.

However things go downhill for the different groups very quickly. Aelin's group gets turned away immediatey after arriving in Terrasen then decides to reach out to old friends & call in some debts for help while making their way to Skull's Bay. Dorian escapes a Rifthold under seige by the witches with Rowan who comes to his rescue & Manon is having family issues as a result of the attack. Also while all that is going on Elide Lochan is wandering through the Oakwall Forest looking for the 13 unaware of what has happened. She eventually runs into one of Maeve's henchmen, Lorcan, & the pair start making their way North to try & find Aelin.

Eventually Aelin's group hooks up with Dorian & Rowan in Skull's Bay. There while making a deal with Captain Rolf they encounter two more of Maeve's thugs Gavirel & Fenrys. The pair are searching for Lorcan under orders from Maeve but in the meantime they decide to help the cause. It isn't long before they all hit the high seas on their way to the stone marshes & Manon "falls right into their path''. In the stone marshes they discover that the lock they seek is not what it seems & Elide & Lorcan join them.

Now armed with two of the three wyrdkeys necessary to complete the gate & banish Erawan to the otherside forever, plus a whole armada of ships & soilders thanks to some old friends & life debts Aelin is ready to go to Morath in search of the third & final key. Nameless is the price & Aelin is ready to pay it in order to use the lock but they run into a big problem...the Queen of the Fae-Maeve. Will they have enough magic & power to defeat her or will they get crushed in the darkness? 

Likes: This book like many of the others develops slowly then boom! Hits you when you least expect it, keeping you on the edge of your seat for the whole ride.

All the different characters come together to help Aelin & they unite for the greater good which is a hard & amazing task.

The concept of nameless is my price has been building since book one & once you know that will kill you!

Every individual bonds with a mate & the love that holds the group together is beautiful.



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