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Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Year: 2014
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: YA
Setting: Multiple locations in Erilea
Time: Non-specific

***Forgive me if names or places are misspelled, I don’t actually read these books, just listen to them on audio***

This is the third installment of six total in the Throne of Glass Series.

In book two, Crown of Midnight, Chaol Westfall the Captain of the King’s Guard gets the King of Adarlan to agree to send Celaena to Wendlyn to assassinate the Ashryver’s. So we begin our story with her sitting on a red clay tile roof drinking wine in the hot sun.

It isn’t long before Celaena wonders down a dark alley & runs into trouble. This trouble has a name, Rowan Whitethorn & he is the servant of Queen Maeve of the Fae. She is taken through the desert with Rowan to meet the Queen at a demi-fae fortress of Mistward. The Queen informs Celaena that it is time for her to learn to use her fae powers & take up her rightful place as Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. She is to stay in Mistward & train with Rowan. Once Celaena is ready she will travel to Doranelle & help the Queen find the wyrdkeys, free magic, & rethrone the King of Adarlan.

So over the course of the book will see the trials & tribulations of Mistward, this includes Celaena’s friends in the kitchen, Rowan & his army brethren, & the creatures lurking in the woods. We also get the story going on back home from Dorian, Chaol, & two new characters, a healer girl named Sorscha, & the King’s general Aedion Ashryver.

Dorian is struggling to contain his newly found magic abilities. Chaol is grappling with the King’s General Aedion & his gang of rebels. While Sorscha is falling deeply in love with Dorian. With the help of all of them together they find out the truth about Aelin, how the King is stifling magic across the land, & how they can work to overcome it. But the story doesn’t end well for any of them.

Meanwhile in Mistward, demi-fae bodies have been turning up drained in rivers near Mistward. Rowan & Celaena discover that the King of Adarlan is using his black onyx rings & the wyrdkeys he possesses to create Valg warriors that inhabit the demi-fae & use their power. In order to stop them they gather every citizen of Mistward & Rowan’s soldiers to battle the Valg & the King’s army. In a battle to the death Celaena finds her inner strength & uses her magic to full capacity. In combination with Rowan the two form the carranam bond & defeat the Valg princes & the King’s army.

From there they travel to Doranelle to visit Maeve & she is not happy to discover the Celaena has become so powerful these past months. As punishment for defying her Rowan is tortured until Celaena uses her power on Maeve & breaks the blood oath between her & Rowan. Rowan then decides that he will be the first member of Aelin’s new court, & takes the blood oath for his new Queen.

In order to take back her kingdom & free magic Aelin must find the wyrdkeys & overthrow the King of Adarlan, she leaves Rowan behind to look after Mistward & Wendlyn in her absence. Going back to Rifthold will be a struggle to stay hidden & to learn what has happened during her absence. 


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