Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sweet by Emmy Laybourne

by Emmy Laybourne

Publishing Year: 2015
Publisher: Fiewel & Friends
Genre: Dystopian/Apocolyptic
Reading Level: YA
Setting: Cruise Ship 
Time: Present Day

Join us on a week long journey of a lifetime, Solu’s Cruise to Lose, aboard the beautiful & luxurious Extravagance! Said to be the most luxurious cruise since the Titanic (because we know that ended well…).

It starts with a little lavender packet of Solu, a “nutritional supplement” sweetener that is said to make the taker lose 5% of their body fat almost instantly! On this glorious week long cruise celebrity guests pay thousands to get the first taste of the new revolutionary product before anyone else. It’s said to be highly effective but nowhere does it says it’s also highly addictive…

Told from multiple points of view this young adult thriller is fast paced, fun, & a little scary! We first meet Laurel & her friend “Viv”, both of them young & curvy but healthy teenagers who get tickets aboard the once in a life time Cruise to Lose. They are looking forward to excursions in Mexico, tanning on deck, cute boys, & losing a few pounds thanks to the tickets Viv’s dad buys them.

Then we meet Tom, a TV host much like Ryan Seacrest, who is in the spotlight for all the inside coverage over the week long cruise. He’s a former chubby child star turned hottie practically overnight who is looking for his first big break after a string of bad relationships & even worse B movies.

The passengers of the ship are enjoying the fine china, spectacular rooms, delicious food, & of course the Solu. But three days in things start to go south. Solu isn’t what they think it is; the doctor & investor behind it are in for a nightmare when the passengers start to become addicted to the sweet, delicious powder.

Filled with suspense, romance, pop culture, & vampirism this standalone is a fun & fast read that will leave the reader on the edge of their seats. The “explosive” ending will leave you wondering what will become of the rest of the world when they finally get their hands on the lavender boxes of Solu hitting the shelves at midnight.

So what do you have to lose…


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